Tree Trunks

Tree Trunks

Tree Trunks is Finn and Jake’s elephant friend (the “trunks” of Tree trunks being her elephant trunk). and she first appears in the episode “Tree Trunks” in which she is famous for her apple pies, which she always makes spares of just in case flies fly onto them. Tree Trunks asks Finn and Jake what their greatest wish is and she tells them that hers would be to pick an apple. Finn tells Tree Trunks that she does that kind of thing almost every day, and Tree Trunks says that she wants to pick the Crystal Gem Apple, the greatest of them all. Then they go on an adventure for the Crystal Gem Apple, but Tree Trunks continually messes up, sticking stickers onto a wall of flesh, and setting out a picnic for Sign Zombies. Tree Trunks tells Finn and Jake that she’s the sexiest adventurer alive. Finn cracks up with anger, but Jake tells Finn to keep in that anger, and when they finally reach the apple, Tree Trunks takes a bite out of the Crystal Gem Apple, and pops. Tree Trunks is later seen in “Crystals have Power” in which Finn and Jake are taken to the crystal dimension by the crystal guardians because they are gonna turn Finn crystal mode, and it is revealed later on in the episode that Tree Trunks told them to do it, and in the crystal dimension she is known as “Quartzium the Crystal Queen”. When Finn and Jake punch the apple out of her, she becomes normal Tree Trunks again. Tree Trunks also appears in “Apple Thief” in which she tells Finn and Jake that someone has stolen her apples, and she can’t make apple pie without them.

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