Starchy is the gravedigger in the candy kingdom. Starchy first appears in “Slumber Party Panic” being attacked by candy zombies while on a job for PB. Starchy becomes a candy zombie and even after being fixed back to normal by Finn, he says that flesh is delicious. Starchy makes a cameo appearance in “Ricardio the Heart Guy” watching Ricardio giving LSP the best friend massage, and in “What Have You Done?” receiving the Ice King’s Freezer Burn flu and getting half trapped in ice. When old Starchy gets fixed he grows massive muscles. In “Susan Strong” Starchy attempts to scare Susan and the Hyoomen Tribe by dressing up as the devil, and in “Too Young” Starchy is sentenced to three hours in the dungeon for asking a question. In “From Bad to Worse” Starchy gets carried away by Pineapple Guy as a zombie after dancing and surviving the wrath of the candy zombies.

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