Leader of the Marauders


The Marauders appear in “Memories of Boom Boom Mountain”. They love rough-housing and beating each other up. Some have helmets with wings on them like Asterix, but some have actual horns. At the beginning of the episode, Finn is taking on who appears to be the leader of the marauders (pictured) but hears crying. Finn climbs a mountain that turns out to be the mountain man, and Mountain Man wants the marauders to stop rough-housing. The marauders mock the mountain man, and want to continue with the rough-housing. Finn comes up with the idea of punching each other with animals tied to them, but the mountain man still isn’t happy. Finn pats a marauder, and the marauder enjoys it. So the marauders continue petting each other, but get rash. Then a bunch of creatures come up with their problems, so Finn and Jake sort it out. Near the end, a cloud comes up to stop the mountain man see them rough-housing. The marauders also appear in “It came from the Nightosphere” in which they have their souls sucked out by Marceline’s Dad. The marauders have a light blue skin colour, meaning that they are not humans. They seem to live in the Mountain Kingdom.

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