Hot Dog Princess

Hot Dog Princess

Hot Dog Princess first appears in “Trouble in Lumpy Space. She was one of five guests (The others being Finn, Jake, LSP and Princess Bubblegum) at a tea party. She appears in the next episode, “Prisoners of Love” as one of the princesses being captured by the Ice King, and one of the princesses who helped chip the ice off Jake after he had been frozen by the Ice King. She later appears in “Business Time” being attacked by battle cubes. She is saved by Finn, Jake and the business men (The entire point of the episode is Finn and Jake find a bunch of men trapped inside ice cubes at the seaside, and they bring these men back to life and hire them to do their fighting). She tries to kiss Finn, who doesn’t exactly want to kiss her back. Like pretty much every princess, she has a small crush on Finn. She is also seen in “The Limit” with her stupid hot dog knights.

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