Dark Magician

Dark Magician

Dark Magician appears in “The Enchiridion!” when it finds Finn at the opening of the tower of the Enchiridion. It fills the screen with smoke, gives Finn two challenges but it turns out that Dark Magician itself is a challenge. At first it gives Finn the Heart Beast, claiming that it is completely evil. When Finn demolishes the Heart Beast, Dark Magician tells Finn to kill an ant passer-by. Finn asks if the ant is evil, and Dark Magician hesitates. It then says that the ant is undecided and neutral so Finn hits the ground (not the ant) and runs at Dark Magician. A surprised Finn turns Dark Magician into ashes just by running at him, and he then finds Key-per in his devil pyjamas at the doorway and runs at him, but that’s a different story.

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