BUFO are a group of tadpoles living inside a frog. They appear in “Wizard”, bestowing Finn and Jake with wizard cloaks and giving them free powers in many lessons until they reached the maximum level of ultimate wizard. Then Jake quits because he has everything he needs but Finn wants to reach the rank of ultimate wizard. BUFO tells Finn that the final star badge is not free and he gets really angry and tells BUFO that he has no money. BUFO tells Finn that all he needs to do is take the pledge of ultimate responsibility and Finn, being extremely unresponsively responsible, takes the pledge without knowing its meaning. BUFO hangs Finn up at the middle of the hall with the Old Wizard and tells him to use his powers on an asteroid that had been falling for 847 years. Finn stays for a bit and gets to know that old wizards but then releases his swing thing and tells the old wizard that he has a fresh young idea that can save the village. Finn then casts Dragon Eyes, Tiger Claw, Vorpal Hand, Blazing Feet, Beauteous Wings and every power that Finn didn’t mention by name. Using all of his powers including Ultimate Wizard Hand, Finn moves the village out of the asteroids path, and BUFO greets them saying this was his plan for all 847 years. Finn tells him that that is a lie, and BUFO claims to have thought of that too.

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